Company Profile

Our History

Optosem Group established in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, on March-2012. Optosem started with its core business in Pre-Molded Package (Air Cavity Package). There are four companies under the umbrella of Optosem Group, that are, Optosem Technologies Sdn. Bhd., Optosem Solutions Sdn. Bhd, Optosem Fabrication Sdn. Bhd., and Optosem Systems Sdn. Bhd.

Our Vision

Major Views

OPTOSEM will always abide by human values in pursuing and growing its businesses to its great heights.

Our Mission

Our Aims

Five Primary Focus

We focus, we deliver

We trust, we build

We learn, we grow

We share, we joy

We are amazing people

Our History

Our Way of Success

Company snapshot from year 2002 to now.


Company formed

  • Company registration in March-2002.
  • Operation started in Desa Cemerlang in July-2002.
  • Shifted from Desa Cemerlang to Tebrau 1.
  • ISO 9001 certification.
  • ISO 14001 certification and UL certification.
  • Started Insert Molding (Air Cavity packages for navigation sensor.
  • Started plastic molding for consumer products.
  • Started security seal molding which involved Ultrasonic Welding process.
  • Started spraying and chroming operation.

Product launches

  • Developed insert molding for X-Box Power Switch.
  • Developed SMT air cavity packages for Navigation sensor and pressure sensor.
  • Developed MOST packages for Automotive application.
  • Developed high sensor packages (6x14 - 84units per strip).
  • Started UV printing for motorola program.
  • Started "Box Build" operations for Webcam and Optical Mouse.
  • Received "Product Excellent Award" from MITI.
  • Expansion of padlock, bottle and cap business.

Company expansion

  • Moved to new factory (2.4 ac/10k sqm) in December-2012.
  • Developed 32 Lead ACQFN to replace ceramic package for MEMS Gyro.
  • Developed PCB Substrate Over Molding.
  • Started Precision Lid Cover Molding for Proximity, Ambient Light Sensor and others.
  • Started air cavity packages for Encoder industries.
  • Started high precision molding with +/- 5um.
  • Started cap and closure business.
  • Started high precision insert fabrication for connector industry.
  • Introduced ERP with internal IT team.

Awards and Certification


Optosem Received "Product Excellent Award" from Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI) in year 2008. This was a special recognition for our commitment and efforts in penetrating the Pre-molded IC Package, that was a great award of our excellent performance in this pursuit.